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"Clervaux - cité de l'image" – photography in the open air

The "Cité de l'image" ("City of Images" in English) features various independent projects involving the medium of photography. Various events –open-air exhibitions, workshops, conferences –are organised to highlight the identity of Clervaux. The photographs explore the medium's expressive possibilities and offer a view of the urban area, the rural environment, and the local population, as well as of contemporary photographic production.

The project currently encompasses 6-7 open-air installations in Clervaux. The photographs are changed every year.


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At the market place – the Echappée belle 

Adjacent to the market square is another vantage point at the foot of the cliff, on which the foundations of the castle stand. The considerably sized photographs are incorporated into the cityscape, mounted on steel bars that are attached to the rock and equipped with a lighting system. The site is one of 6 installations located around the castle and reserved for international photographers.

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On the Grand-Rue – The Arcades I

A wall at the edge of the main street (Grand-Rue) of Clerf is interrupted by eight niches in the form of round arches. Each niche contains a work of art. The exhibited images are also illuminated at night. The place is characterised by its homogeneous rhythm: the niches interrupt the wall at regular intervals. The photographs seem to pierce through the compact stones in the wall and turn the simple niches into virtual windows.

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La montée de l’église – Les Arcades II

On trouve ici un pendant au mur de la Grand-Rue, les niches étant toutefois de tailles très différentes. Si des œuvres sérielles sont privilégiées dans la Grand-Rue, les installations de la montée de l’église sont plus hétérogènes et suivent un ordre moins strict. Le caractère unique du lieu se reflète dans les dimensions variées des images.


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Behind the church – The "JARDIN DE LELISE"

Another garden awaits behind the church, at the junction between the Rue Ley and the Montée de l'église. This is where the name of the exhibition area - "Lélise" - comes from. Eight pictures are hung in a ledge.


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The Montée du Château leads past two old gardens that have been converted into exhibition spaces. A contemporary glass lift pierces through one of the two garden idylls. The lift connects the castle level with the lower market square and the town centre. The six glass panels, which were "planted" in the two gardens, also display photographs. Viewed from a distance, the glass bases are not visible and the pictures seem to float above the lavender and rose bushes.


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