David Spero, Settlements


David Spero‘s “Settlements” draw the portrait of a few communities in Britain that have chosen to partially separate and live in parallel from so-called mainstream society out of ecological considerations. Spero uses documentary-style imagery to illustrate the creative potential and pioneering spirit displayed by these groups on their quest for new, alternative modes of existence. 
His work shows homemade houses and their inhabitants, as well as the gardens that allow them to support themselves and ensure their autonomy.
This rejection of the current, globalized social trends is not an act of defiance or based on an anarchist stance towards society. Rather, these new settlements want to challenge our responsibility towards nature.
Perhaps we should not hand all of it over to political systems.
In his work, David Spero shows subsistence models carried by personal initiative and collective consciousness. He tells the story of a few small groups who have made it their mission to prioritize the low-impact management, optimal restoration and long-term protection of the natural resources at our disposal.
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