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Throughout the history of photography, questions about the possibilities and the limits of the genre have come up. The potential of the medium lies in translating reality into images, freezing the moment for eternity, of showing the essence of inanimate objects and revealing the hidden soul of every living being. Some cultures believed – perhaps still do? – that the photograph could capture the human spirit… through magic?

What photography undoubtably does is tell human history like no other artistic discipline. The camera's mechanical eye is guided by the photographer's human one. This complicity between man and technical instrument takes hold of the world. And here is the meeting with Juliette.

In his series "My aunt Juliette", Denis Dailleux sees his gaze returned in a unique and playful way by his great-aunt. The dialogue between the two protagonists is a constant exchange, making the series appear like a power play. This aunt Juliette is a strong character: she plays the queen, poses as a peasant, appears as grandmother, defies her age which shows her fragility, all the while maintaining her rebellious gaze. She confronts the photographer and claims the camera's visual field as rightfully hers. What a portrait! A true queen of hearts!
(Text: Clervaux - cité de l'image / English translation by N. Linden)
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