15.04.2024 - 28.04.2024

Exhibition 1001 Tonnen


1001 tonnes is not a story and certainly not a fairy tale, not a title that inspires dreams, but a reality.

Every year, 1001 tonnes of litter are thrown away in Luxembourg.

Jessica Theis has photographed the litter, the waste that people leave behind in nature, from the bathtub they throw into the forest, to the litter that remains in nature after barbecues, to the cigarette butts and bottles they throw out of car windows. She had numerous meetings with experts in the field and looked at statistical research, psychology and the everyday reality of pollution and how to combat it.

1001 tonnes was part of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture.

The photos were shown in urban areas, in an exhibition and in a street campaign. Jessica Theis is now offering a travelling exhibition and workshops for school classes.


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Clervaux - Cité de l'Image

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