Hiking meets local food


For this second programme of "Hiking meets local food", the concept has not changed. It still consists of hikes accompanied by a local guide, followed by a 3-course meal with local flavours in one of our participating restaurants in the town. 

Wednesday 23 June

Level: 3
Departure point: Car park of the Cornelyshaff in Heinerscheid
Departure time: 9 am
Restaurant: Cornelyshaff
Route: Eislek PAD Heinerscheid, 15,5km
Menu :
Buckwheat slippers stuffed with vegetables, tomato and beetroot sauce, Mozzarella cheese
Main :
Pork cheek with Waïssen Ourdaller, baked pdt, salad Or pan-fried buckwheat pasta with vegetables, regional shaping cream
Iced parfait with Wëllen Ourdaller and its honey tile

Registration closes 48 hours before the event! Registered participants will be contacted by the Tourist Center to confirm their participation. 

The price for children under 9 years of age is 16 euros if they are having lunch.

 > This price includes a snack at the start, guiding and the 3-course meal. Drinks are not included. The total amount must be paid directly to the restaurant at the end of the meal.

Please book via . When booking, please indicate the number of people (Adults + Children), the date chosen, your spoken and understood language, the choice of menu (if any) and a contact telephone number in case of changes.  We will confirm your registration within the day.
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83 Haaptstrooss

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woensdag, 23 juni 2021




Adultes : 30.00

Enfants : 20.00

Enfants de moins de 9 ans : 16.00


T : +352927200

E :

W : https://www.visit-clervaux.lu/fr/local/hiking-meets-local-food