Konschthaus op der Gare

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Art to facilitate encounters

At the entrance to Clervaux, on the station side, two large windows draw the eye to a colourful, half-fantasmagorical, half-contemporary universe. Mireille and Guy have created a multi-faceted meeting place that reflects their personalities and artistic passions. Deeply focused on people and art, everyone can find a space for inspiration, work, relaxation and even an exhibition. "Konschthaus Op der Gare" offers an infinite and simple possibility to create moments that are definitely caring and altruistic.

The couple from Lintgen and Vianden respectively fell in love with this incredible building that has been brought up to date. Guy, a jack-of-all-trades, has transformed this house into an art space open to all. Mireille is currently exhibiting her work: colourful, contemporary acrylic paintings and meaningful collages. There are also wood sculptures and drawings by Guy. Here, all forms of art find a place and the couple invites all artists to come and exhibit in their building. The exhibition rooms can be made available to anyone who wants to share their work outside the traditional galleries.

But beyond that, the whole house is an invitation to visiting artists or those wishing to find a place to practice their art, for a day or more. Various work rooms are available, such as Mireille's painting studio or Guy's sculpture studio. Taking advantage of an abundance of material found here and there, but above all of the inspiration that the house offers. You quickly feel at home, and this is the couple's true intention.

There is also a room for sharing, with board games, books and music. The heart of the house, so to speak. Here, people chat with neighbours, passing strangers or friends. Tea or coffee is often served by the jovial couple. At the entrance, a signal indicates whether "Konschthaus Op der Gare" is open. So don't hesitate to push open the door!

Various small events are also organised on site. Clothes swaps, small concerts and readings, yoga and pilates classes... Mireille and Guy have succeeded in creating a place that is far removed from the usual structures. They create links between people. Attached to their neighbourhood of the Clervaux train station, they want to enhance it by bridging the gap with the city centre.

Since art is not far from well-being, Guy willingly shares his fitness room with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and offers Emmett massages, a therapy based on pressure points on the body.

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Practical information

Konschthaus Op der Gare

17, rue de la Gare L-9707 Clervaux


Open spontaneously or by appointment

Are you an artist looking for a place to exhibit your work? Do not hesitate to contact Mireille and Guy!