Cliärrwer Chrëschtmaart 2021

Am Sonntag, dem 12. Dezember, wird der Weihnachtszauber Clervaux überfluten: Handwerksstände, Glühwein und Weihnachtsgebäck, Weihnachtschor, Animationen,...

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Herbst in Clervaux

A stay in Clervaux in autumn is a real pleasure for the eyes and for the mind. The scent of the forest fills the town and the valley becomes more colourful day after day. Your five senses are awakened: venison dishes are on the menu of the restaurants, the spas and the thermal baths are heating up in the hotels... Autumn is the season of coziness above all else, so don't deprive yourself!

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Hiking meets local food

Finden Sie alle Termine der aktuellen Ausgabe, die Strecken und die vorgeschlagenen Menüs der Restaurants.

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Our guided tours

In addition to the Hiking meets local food, we offer a monthly guided historical tour of Clervaux on the theme of the Battle of the Bulge as well as a visit to the Church and the crypt of the Abbey accompanied by a Monk. An audio tour of the town is available all year round.

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The Road Abroad - 3 Tage in Clervaux (EN)

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