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Hiking "Mam Laf vum Waaser"

The Syndicat d'Initiatives from Heinerscheid, Lieler and the Tourist Centre in Clervaux are pleased to invite you to their "Mam Laf vum Wasser" hike on Sunday 2 June 2024, in the heart of the Our valley.

The meeting point is at 09:00 at the Tintesmühle campsite. Accompanied by hiking guides, you will set off on the Nat'Our 1 trail, which joins the Luxembourg and German borders. This relatively flat 14 km trail will enable you to discover the natural and scenic beauty of the Our valley.


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The return of Hiking meets local food

Discover our annual diary of gourmet walks in Clervaux. Organised throughout the year, on Saturdays and Sundays, these walks allow you to discover the most beautiful landscapes in the commune and taste the best that Clervaux has to offer!


Our guided tours

In addition to the Hiking meets local food, we offer a monthly guided historical tour of Clervaux on the theme of the Battle of the Bulge as well as a visit to the Church and the crypt of the Abbey accompanied by a Monk. An audio tour of the town is available all year round.

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Clervaux - 100% Outdoor

Landscapes follow one after another here, but they are not all alike. From high pine forests to hardwood woodlands, deep, humid valleys to sun-soaked plateaus, each hike is a real surprise. Nature stuns and delights in Clervaux.

Three large distinct areas offer a huge number of landscapes: the Our valley, which is craggy and wild, the forests around Munshausen, which are dense and mysterious, and the bucolic vistas around Clervaux. Fifteen routes trace the municipality. The choice is yours!

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The Road Abroad - 3 days in Clervaux

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