Destination Clervaux - Between brackets

The Family of Man - Reopening

From Wednesday 13 May, The Family of Man will be reopened to the public on its usual schedule (Wednesday to Sunday). Take the opportunity to discover the works of Clervaux - Cité  de l'Image outdoors and the new frescoes along Clerve's river Drive.

The travel situation worldwide has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 virus. Well-being and safety are a priority and we recommend you follow the guidelines from within your country of origin prior to making any travel decisions. All the latest health and travel requirements, restrictions and guidelines for Luxembourg (in French, German, Luxembourgish and English) are updated here.

Despite everything, we are counting on you to come back in force soon to support our tourism and hotel sector.

Our hiking trails are obviously open to the public. The agenda is on standby for an unknown length of time, the majority of the events organized in Clervaux being canceled or postponed.