Where are we situated?

The train station in the city of Clervaux is part of the Northern Line’s high speed rail service that spans the full breadth of Luxembourg. This town belongs to Luxembourg Diekirch District and is the seat of government of the canton of the same name, Clervaux. The town is operated with a focus on tourism, given the natural beauty and historical complexity of the region, situated in the north of Luxembourg’s wild frontier. It is also a part of the Luxembourg Ardennes which are themselves part of the larger whole.

The small town of Clerf, having lost none of its rustic charm, is known as a tourist center, located between a dramatic highland and valley and running along the flanks of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.


Destination Clervaux: Getting there


Arrival via LuxAirport in Luxembourg City, then by car, taxi, bus or train to Clervaux. Some rooms offer a Pick-Up Service. For more information or reservations, please contact us.


It is possible to access Clervaux by train from Luxembourg City or via Liège (Belgium). In addition, Destination Clervaux has two stations (Clervaux Drauffelt). Both paths are connected to national and international rails. Again, some rooms offer pick-up services. For more information or reservations, contact us


It is also possible to reach Clervaux by bus starting in Luxembourg City. Specific daily busses transport you from Prüm (Germany) to Marnach and Clervaux.


Starting from Luxembourg City, take the A7, then the E421, exit on the country road 18. The ride is approximately 60 km (approx. 1 hour drive).


In town, everything is within walking distance.


We speak Luxembourgish, French, German, and in most cases, English and Dutch.

From here you can quickly reach:

  • (L) Luxembourg City 60 km; Schengen
  • (D) 45 km Prum, Trier 80 km, 155 km Cologne, Aix-la-Chapelle 110 km
  • (B) 30 km Bastogne, St. Vith, Brussels 180 km; ... Arlon, Liege 95 km
  • (NL) Maastricht 125 km
  • (F) Metz 125 km