The Nature Center Robbesscheier

At the Nature Center Robbesscheier, visitors both young and old will get their money's worth with their family or friends. There is a diverse range of themed workshops available. Everyone can choose which workshop they want to attend to spend a perfect day.


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Discover and experience nature in the Ardennes

The Luxembourg Ardennes are known for their stunning landscapes and pristine nature. Visitors to the Robbesscheier Tourist Center can discover this natural world and the associated crafts at various workshops. Here is a small selection:

  • Wool workshop – the shepherd offers a suitable programme depending on the age of the participants. How do you sheer sheep? How do you wash wool? Discover the answers to these and many other questions with hands-on experience - everyone gets to have a go here!
  • Forge – visitors can experience the blacksmith’s profession at the forge. Everyone makes their own little iron figure here. You can even practice nailing a horseshoe on a dummy.
  • Beekeeping – What kind of work does a beekeeper have to do? Do bees only produce honey? The beekeeping workshop is suitable for families and adult groups.
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Teambuilding, company parties, and family days together in nature

If you want to spark your ambition or simply want to strengthen cohesion within your team, group of friends, or family, you'll find a suitable option at the Robbesscheier Tourist Center. You can also choose freely from different workshops here. Choose from sporting activities such as tug-of-war or carrying a trunk, as well as games of skill such as horseshoe tossing or skittles.

Of course, all workshops are adapted to the exact requirements and expectations of the participants.

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Opening times / entertainment programme

Quotidiennement de 10 à 17 heures

Contact details

Tourist Center Robbesscheier
1, Frummeschgaass
L-9766 Munshausen
Tel.: +352 92 17 45 1
Fax: +352 92 93 47