Hiking meets local food


For this second programme of "Hiking meets local food", the concept has not changed. It still consists of hikes accompanied by a local guide, followed by a 3-course meal with local flavours in one of our participating restaurants in the town. 

Different levels

In order to appeal to a wide range of people and to show the potential of Clervaux as a walking destination, we organise hikes with different levels of "difficulty". In fact, it is a question of proposing routes of different distances, of different paces as well.

Level 1: Hike and relax

Distance: 5 to 7km at a slower pace. Our guides take the time to explain to you the cultural heritage of the town of Clervaux.

Level 2: Discovery hike

Distance: 8 to 10 km. A walk accessible to all types of hikers.

Level 3: Healthy hike

Distance: 10 to 15 km. A walk at a slightly faster pace. For hikers who are used to walk this type of distance.

Level 4: Sporty hike

Distance: 15 to 20 km. A faster pace for experienced walkers.

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Our restaurants

After the walk, you are invited for a 3-course meal which will showcase regional recipes and products. Meal time is approximately 1h30. During the meal, please note that drinks will be at your expense. 

All our restaurateurs are committed to making you enjoy the best of what the region has to offer in terms of local products and regional recipes. If you have any requests regarding the menu on offer, please let us know when you register and not when you arrive.


Registration closes 48 hours before the event! Registered participants will be contacted by the Tourist Center to confirm their participation. 

The price is fixed at 30 euros per participant. 

The price for children under 9 years of age is 16 euros if they are having lunch.

 > This price includes a snack at the start, guiding and the 3-course meal. Drinks are not included. The total amount must be paid directly to the restaurant at the end of the meal.

Please book via . When booking, please indicate the number of people (Adults + Children), the date chosen, your spoken and understood language, the choice of menu (if any) and a contact telephone number in case of changes.  We will confirm your registration within the day.

Restrictions in force: Wearing a mask is until now compulsory for outdoor groups, as well as social distance.

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Keep in touch with us! You will receive our next hikes directly in your mailbox.

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Le Parc Naturel de l'Our, partner of the event

The Nature Park "Our", officially created in 2005, is located in the North-East of Luxembourg and has a common border with Germany and Belgium.

11 districts with 21.000 inhabitants and a total area of 420 km² create a platform for the sustainable development of the region. Other objectives relate to economic development in harmony with the natural wealth of the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Fall Hike

DSC 1619 907B1ADC-9568-4503-BAE4-4E12D3322211 LeeTrail 18©LFT AlfonsoSalgueiro Panorama Clervaux 17@LFT UliFielitz

Saturday 4 December (3 people left)

Level: 1

Departure point: Clervaux station

Start time: 9.15 am, at the arrival of the train

Route: 7 km, return by train from Drauffelt station

Guide: Gaby & Hubert

Restaurant: Yves Radelet


The menu will be communicated to you about ten days in advance. Yves Radelet prepares his menu according to the seasonal arrivals.

Winter Eislek©VeraHoesdorff ComitéInspiringLuxembourg table clervaux jake-melara-Yh6K2eTr FY-unsplash randonnée 2

Sunday 12 December (36 places available)

Level: 3

Departure point: Clervaux station

Departure time: 9.15 am, at the arrival of the train

Route: 12 km

Guide: Mirjam & Peggy

Restaurant: Table de Clervaux




Croquette de cancoillote, the house speciality

Main course:

Meyrishaff Farm Chicken Bouchée à la Reine


Parfait with Luxembourg honey

Winter Forest Mullerthal 96@LFT Jos Nerancic IMG 1882 Clervaux-été2020-205 AutopedestreMunshausen Juin2021 @Theroadabroad (1)

Sunday 19 December (37 places available)

Level: 2

Starting point: Robbesscheier, Munshausen (possibility to arrive at Drauffelt station and take a shuttle bus on request)

Start time: 9.00 am

Route: 9 km

Guide: Mirjam & Hubert

Restaurant: Robbesscheier



Eisleker Quiche (Hupperdange cheese, bacon, onions) Or Vegetarian Quiche

Main course:

Fierkelshämmchen mat Moschterzooss, sautéed pdts, salad /Piglet stew with "Ourdaller" mustard sauce, sautéed pdts, salad Or Salad with warm goat cheese, sautéed pdts


Crème brulée with Bourbon Vanilla