Destination Clervaux, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Our!

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The natural park of the Our is situated in the north of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Ardennes. The objective of the natural park is to find balance between protection of nature and economic development of the region. The touristic destination Clervaux and the natural park of the Our act hand in hand to bring culture and history closer to yourself, to make you experience nature and to make you discover the diversity of local products.

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CLimat Pact

The Climate Pact is an instrument steered by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and supported by the country's natural parks and municipalities. This instrument contains a catalogue of 79 measures which serve as a basis for the implementation of municipal energy policies. Certification is used to measure the progress made by the municipalities. In return for its commitment, the municipality receives state subsidies for the implementation of the various measures.

Clervaux, with more than 75% of the catalogue points awarded, is Gold certified. These measures are diverse, ranging from better control of land energy passports, better planning of mobility and municipal traffic, to the renovation of social housing, communication, support for private initiatives, etc.

The « Biological Station » project created by the Our Natural Park is just one example. This "station", which is more a service than a building, makes it possible to list the species and habitats on the territory, to implement protection and awareness measures as well.