The Kalborn Mill

For some years now, the Kalborn mill in the beautiful Our valley has been involved in nature conservation.  The "Fondation Hëllef fir d'Natur von natur&ëmwelt" operates a breeding station there. Here, several species of native mussels (the river mussel and the pearl mussel) are protected, studied and participate in a breeding programme. 

In addition, there is also the Water Discovery Centre (WEZ), which has been specially designed for environmental education. Various courses are organised here, mainly for school classes, but also for private groups. During the various courses, participants go into the Our River with nets and rubber boots to discover the world of aquatic animals. You can visit the mussel breeding station and learn what is essential for the survival of our mussels.

The theme of the natural garden is also addressed at the Kalborn mill. Groups can learn how to easily adapt their garden to provide habitat and food for our animals and thus fight against the extinction of species. 

In the Natura 2000 room, visitors can learn about Natura 2000 sites, shellfish species, and discover native fish. 

Groups can sign up for a guided tour of the mussel farm, a course at the water discovery centre or a natural gardening course.

Tel: 26908127-1