Explore Clervaux off the beaten track

Clervaux has a lot to offer for those running out of time, for travellers looking for a change of scenery. The north of Luxembourg is still steeped in its rural culture. Traditions, gastronomy and local produce: while the south of the country moves at full speed, here the days seem to pass more slowly. It's not for nothing that Clervaux has become the country's first 'Cittaslow' town, a network of slow-moving cities around the world.

Authentic establishments in Clervaux

Hôtel du Commerce, Clervaux

Since 1918, the Hotel du Commerce has been welcoming visitors at the base of Clervaux Castle. You will be welcomed by the Gindt family, who have been running the hotel for 3 generations. Guests come for the warm, family atmosphere, the comfortable rooms, the relaxing thermal baths and the gourmet delights of the "Table de Clervaux".

Double room from 115 euros

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Camping Reiler Weier, Reuler

Éléonore and Luis welcome you like old friends. Situated on the heights of Clervaux, the campsite enjoys an exceptional natural setting, bordering two lakes formed by the Irbach. Enjoy spacious, comfortable tent safaris and on-site activities such as fishing.

Tent safari from 78 euros / Pitch for 37 euros

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Hôtel Reiff, Fischbach

We could rename it "Panorama" because of the magnificent views over the countryside and the Our valley. You'll feel right at home here. The Reiff family have been running the hotel since 1923, and it's a local landmark offering unbeatable value for money.

Double room from €100

Hotel Reiff

Cornelyshaff, Heinerscheid

Cornelyshaff is a building with many stories. Before welcoming guests, Cornelius Farm was in turn a timber sales office, an emigration office to the United States, an exotic goods store and finally a cooperative. We love the rustic, country feel of the place, the bar with its English pub atmosphere, the open fire and the spacious rooms.

Double room from 116 euros

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Surprising adventures in Clervaux

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What we're offering here is a chance to discover Clervaux through the people who make it what it is. An itinerary as close as possible to its inhabitants, their habits, their stories and their daily lives. Here's a mini-compilation of human experiences to take you on a journey through the region from a different angle. 

First, let's take a look at Mireille and Guy's home. This Luxembourg couple have created a colourful artistic and cultural meeting place that reflects their personality: Konschthaus Op der Gare (1). There are exhibitions of local artists and their work, as well as painting, drawing and sculpture workshops. A sign at the entrance indicates whether the house is open, and if it is, you'll be welcomed with open arms as you wander through the phantasmagorical floors of this house and immerse yourself in their artistic universe. The couple also organise a language café every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, starting at 7pm, where you can learn or improve your language skills, but above all, meet other people!

In a completely different style, Clervaux Abbey (2) remains a must-see in the region. Although it is not completely open to the public (only the church and crypt are), once a month the monks organise a guided tour. This takes place on the first Monday of every month, and we recommend it. This unique moment of sharing stories, anecdotes and daily life is a pleasure for understanding their life as Benedictines and their faith. If you're not lucky enough to be there on that date, just drop in at the shop. A Brother will welcome you with the same joy.  Don't forget to take home a bottle of their apple juice - it's delicious!

In the centre of Clervaux, it's fun to wander around the town following the photographic trail created by Clervaux - Cité de l'Image (3). The trail includes 6 open-air exhibitions, accessible day and night. The 2km route highlights the city's heritage through contemporary and ephemeral exhibitions that change from month to month. You can start from any of the exhibitions, but the easiest way is to pick up a map from the Tourist Office. You can also borrow a Polaroid camera with about ten rolls of film to keep as a souvenir of your discovery of the city. The Family of Man (4) photographic exhibition in the heart of the Château de Clervaux is a must-see. 

For walkers, we recommend the Eislek PAD Kalborn walk (5), starting from the same village, 15 minutes from the centre of Clervaux. The 7km route takes you deep into the Our valley along the German border. The route is wilder and quieter than most other hiking trails. You'll also pass the Moulin de Kalborn, a biological station along the river where river mussels are bred. There is also an exhibition on Nature 2000 zones and a nature garden. If you're feeling more sporty, the Eislek PAD Heinerscheid from Cornelyshaff offers a 15km walk through similar countryside (allow 4-5 hours and a picnic). 

As a family, a visit to the Robbesscheier nature centre (6) is a must if you want to understand the rural know-how of northern Luxembourg. Between the Ardennes draught horses, the symbol of the estate, and the farm animals, around ten workshops are on offer. These range from an introduction to farriery in a blacksmith's forge, the construction of wooden objects such as birdhouses and toys in an old sawmill, to the creation of beeswax candles and the discovery of beehives, working in the vegetable garden, wool weaving and ceramics. If you book in advance, you'll be able to choose your own personalised programme.

The local tables around Clervaux

Les Écuries du Parc, Clervaux

Marc and Cynthia are at the head of this well-known establishment in the region. With its tasty regional cuisine, quality products and warm atmosphere, the Écuries du Parc is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. In summer, their terrace extends over the heights of Clervaux near the old hunting park. A great address!

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Robbesscheier, Munshausen

Located at the very heart of the Robbesscheier nature reserve, the restaurant is open every day, all year round. You'll find a fine menu of local meats and game all year round. With Saint-Hubert as the patron saint of the village, this is hardly surprising. The vegetables and fruit come from their gardens and kitchen garden, and the daily menu is a real bargain.

Restaurant Robbesscheier

Madeleine, Marnach

Don't be intimidated by its location on the upper floor of the Marnach Shopping Centre. Madeleine is a magnificent restaurant run by chef Delecourt. There are weekly suggestions of fish, meat and, above all, vegetarian dishes. And don't forget to try one of the home-made croquettes from their "croquetterie". A real treat at democratic prices.

Let yourself be tempted by Madeleine

Reiff, Fischbach

As well as a breathtaking view over the Our valley, you'll find all the great gastronomic classics of northern Luxembourg on the à la carte menu. The service is jovial and sincere, with a family feel to the presentation of the dishes and side dishes. The address is well known to the locals and the restaurant is often packed. A sign that the chef is not mistaken!

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And also...

The Beim Luss bakery, in the Clervaux shopping street, is an ideal address for a gourmet lunch on the go. It offers a range of sandwiches, small dishes and soups.

The same goes for the A Peitesch restaurant in Eselborn. Located in the heart of this village, this address is typical of the region. Part village bar, part restaurant, the lunchtime menus are tasty and the service very friendly.