Relive the beginnings of the Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge, which lasted 6 weeks during the winter of 44/45, began along the Our River on the night of 15/16 December 1944. The penetration of the "von Rundstedt offensive" was a surprise for the Allied troops. The Clervaux area was particularly hard hit by the German strikes, surprising the American troops. The various localities, which served as strongholds for the Allied troops, were at the heart of the fighting between 16 and 18 December 1944. 

With our CEBA (Circle of studies of the Battle of the Bulge) guide, Tom Scholtes, you will have the opportunity to listen to the stories of the heroic battles of the Allies but also their defeats, like the Battle of Clervaux. These battles in the war are unfortunately not well known but just as interesting, like the one of the Baker Company at Marnach, of Colonel Fuller at Clervaux, of the pursuit of the Axis forces to Dasbourg-bridge,...

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1. The Battle of Clervaux

Dates: Saturday 8 April, Saturday 13 May, Saturday 10 June, Saturday 8 July, Wednesday 19 July, Saturday 12 August, Wednesday 23 August, Saturday 9 September

Stroll through the streets of Clervaux and listen to anecdotes and historical stories of this epic battle, also known as the "Luxembourg Alamo". This refers to this particularly violent and cruel battle of the Texas Revolution. The losses for the American troops were particularly heavy, both in terms of material (60 tanks against 4) and human, since many soldiers were taken prisoner. One of them, Colonel Fuller, who had taken up residence in the Claravallis Hotel, has a bust of himself in the station area. Tom Scholtes of the CEBA will tell you all his anecdotes and details of this epic battle for Clervaux.

Departure at 2 p.m. at the foot of the Tourist Center in Clervaux (Place du Marché in Clervaux). Duration: +- 1 hour 30 minutes. Distance: +- 3 km. Reservation until 12.00 pm on the day via +352 92 00 72 or via


Languages: German, Luxembourgish, English, French

2. Mini-van tour of the important sites around Clervaux

Dates: Saturday 24 June, Saturday 29 July, Saturday 26 August, Saturday 30 September, Saturday 16 December

Attention: Group of maximum 8 persons!

Tom Scholtes of the CEBA will take you to various historical sites of the fighting that took place in December 1944. The heroic story of the Baker Company of Marnach, first witnesses of the German offensive and guardians of this village destroyed by the fighting. But also the Dasbourg bridge, which the allies had built (as Bailey Bridge) to access German territory. You will discover the foxholes and shelters built on the Laschet plateau near Heinerscheid. But also the Battle of Clervaux, the general history of the American counter-offensive, and many other anecdotes along the way.

Departure at 10.30 AM from Clervaux station. A menu is offered at the Cornelyshaff in Heinerscheid. An opportunity to continue the discussions over a good meal. Reservations are closed 48 hours in advance. 
Ends: 4 PM

Price: 37,00 € / person, including the day of visits and the 3-course meal at Cornelyshaff.


Soup of the day or Feierstengszalot
Pork cheek with Okult and mustard or Buckwheat slippers stuffed with vegetables, tomato sauce and garnishes
Wëllen Ourdaller and honey glazed parfait or seasonal fruit tart

Languages: German, Luxembourgish, French, English

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3. Special visits

25 March 2023: Maulusmühle. Visit to the wreckage of the Lockheed Hudson of the British Royal Air Force, shot down during the Second World War. 

Departure: 14:00 from Clervaux railway station. Tour by minivan.

Duration: +- 1h30


27 May 2023: Hupperdange. Visit of the crash site of the Royal Air Force Mosquito shot down on 27 May 1944.

Departure: 14h00 from Clervaux station. Tour by minivan.

Duration: +- 1h30


Practical information

To make a reservation, please contact us directly on +352 92 17 45 1 or via Please mention your first and last name, the number of people to be registered, the chosen date and a telephone number / e-mail address. We will confirm your registration as soon as possible.