Clervaux, not a dog's life for dogs!

It's not a dog's life for dogs !

Which hotels and campings allow your dog in Clervaux?

It is understandable that it is not always easy to find a place to stay that will accept your pet. On the other hand, why should you make the Cornelian choice to abandon your dog on a weekend when some hotels and campgrounds in Clervaux, Luxembourg, welcome them? A supplement could often be asked for the reservation of your room. And honestly, we know that our brave doggies and their hair require more cleaning attention. But this extra charge rarely exceeds the price of a dogsitter. So, dog travel enthusiasts or those who are undecided on how to proceed, you will find here a list of hotels and campsites welcoming your pet!

In the restaurants of Clervaux: In general, and you are aware of this, it is not a question of imposing your dog, but really of allowing everyone to find their happiness. In the restaurants of the city, if your dog is accepted, it is above all by keeping him on a leash and calmly by your side. Fears, allergies, discomfort, it is necessary that all the customers feel confortable and find benefit from the moment at their table. It is always better to ask the restaurant owners beforehand, but the answer will often be positive!


Dog friendly hotels:

- Hotel-Restaurant du Commerce, in the center of Clervaux

- Hotel Koener, in the centre of Clervaux

- Hotel International, in the centre of Clervaux

- The Cornelyshaff Inn in Heinerscheid

- Urspelt Castle, ground floor room only, in Urspelt

- Golf and Country Hotel de Clervaux in Eselborn


Dog friendly campsites:

- Campsite Reilerweier, next to the ponds of Reuler

- Camping des Trois Frontières, in Lieler

- Official campsite in Clervaux

- Campsite Tintesmühle, on the banks of the river Our


What are the activities to do with your dog?

Clervaux being a paradise for hikers, owners and their dogs will be able to make the most of the communal or national hike trails starting from the town. The Our valley can be a great option for a refreshing walk in the summer. 

The open-air exhibitions of Clervaux-Cité de l'Image are to be enjoyed freely all year round. The Robbesscheier nature centre also welcomes doggies.