Hiking loops for families

Ideal for family outings during your visit to Clervaux, these loop walks are all between 4km and 9km long. Even if the area is quite hilly, these walks are accessible to all types of ramblers.

The map of the walks is available at the Tourist Office and it is possible to download the GPX routes here.

Don't get lost

All the signposts in the commune are currently being modified. Currently, we advise you to use an application to avoid getting lost. All our hikes are available via the Komoot application. (Androïd & IOS, verified application) Once the application is downloaded, subscribe to the "Visit Clervaux" profile. You will have access to all the routes, even "Off-line".

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1. Pram path

Departure: Market Square, Clervaux

Distance: 2.5 km in a loop 

This walk has been specially designed to be taken with a pram. Starting from the town centre, follow the river Clerve and continue gradually through the valley.

Signposting: Purple logo with a white pushchair. 

2. Kalborn - Local Weg 1 

Starting point: Am Eck, Kalborn

Distance: 5.4 km

Signposting: LW CL 1 


3. Clervaux - Local Weg 2

Starting point: Place du Marché, Clervaux

Distance: 6.6 km

Signposting : LW CL 2


4. Heinerscheid - Local Weg 3

Starting point: Cornelyshaff, Heinerscheid

Distance: 10,6 km

A loop appreciated for the beautiful landscapes it offers on the river Our. 

Signposting: LW CL 3


"A man who doesn't walk leaves no traces"

(Georges Wolinski)

6. Roder - Local Weg 8

Starting point: Eglise de Roder

Distance: 7.8 km

Signposting: LW 8


7. Lieler - Local Weg 6 

Starting point: Eglise de Lieler

Distance: 7,9 km

Signposting: LW 6 


8. Nature discovery trail for the whole family

Starting point: Parking Camping 3 frontières, Lieler

Distance: 6 km

The didactic path is 3 km long, and leads up- and downhill, with 11 stations to discover.  A walk with children will take between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Signposting: Amelie, our friend the bee, shows you the way.


9. Munshausen - Local Weg 7

Starting point: Robbesscheier or Drauffelt Station

Distance: 8,7 km

Signposting: LW 7