Hikes from station to station

In collaboration with the CFL, we propose here 4 hikes starting from the stations of Clervaux and Drauffelt. No more need to bother with the car! As a reminder, train journeys within the country have been free of charge since 1 March 2020. These hikes are designed with the possibility of stopping at various places to eat and take a break during the walk.

These hikes can of course be done in both directions.

1. Clervaux - Munshausen - Drauffelt

Starting point: Clervaux station or Drauffelt station

Distance: 8.4 km

This hike, accessible to all, is ideal to get a good idea of the region and the surroundings of Clervaux. Starting from Clervaux train station, you will walk along the Clerve river to the Chapelle Lorette and the Parc de Clervaux, until you reach the panorama of the village. You will then follow the Irbich valley to Munshausen, where you can stop for a lunch break, and then descend to Drauffelt railway station.

Signposting: Red and white sign "CFL".


2. From Clervaux to Drauffelt 

Starting point: Station Clervaux or station Drauffelt

Distance : 6.7 km

Nice plateau hike through the forests surrounding Clervaux and Drauffelt. You will be in the middle of nature during the rest of the hike. If you are planning a break, prefer Clervaux on arrival to take advantage of the restaurants and cafés.

Signposting: Red and white board with "CFL".


3. From Troisvierges to Clervaux

Starting point : Station Troisvierges

Distance: 12.2 km

Easy and pleasant hike following Woltz and Clerve rivers through forests and fields.

Signposting: White and red pannel "CFL"