Cittaslow “Yin Yoga & Sound Healing”


Experience relaxation, transformation and healing for body, mind and soul in a 3-hour workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of sound and energy with LaVi Sound and Yoga.


Supported by Club Haus op der Heed and the municipality of Clervaux, member of the international Cittaslow network.


Complete Yin Yoga and Sound Journey workshop - 50 € / 3 hours

Saturday 1st June / from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

You can also take part in just part of the workshop:

Yin Yoga class: 30 € / 1 ½ hours

Sound Journey: 20 € / 1 hour

If possible, bring a mat, blanket and meditation cushion.

Register at

At the Cultural Centre (montée du château, Clervaux), near the Clervaux Castle.

Facilitators: Laura Klocke and Vincent Clenet from LaVi Sound and Yoga.

Language: German / English


Laura and Vincent share a unique combination of Yin Yoga and Sonnor Healing.


We'll start with a wonderful class in Yin Yoga, a very calm style of yoga based on traditional Chinese medicine and the 5 elements. This gently sharpens our self-awareness. This class is accompanied by live sound atmospheres that allow you to immerse yourself more deeply and offer you a world of healing sounds and vibrations.


At the end, we'll experience a journey of sound healing. A complete immersion in an acoustic sound universe of musical instruments collected around the world.

A deep connection to yourself in an essentially intuitive and shamanic universe. The sounds touch you at a very subtle and deep level of emotional awareness. They help to eliminate blockages at different levels of your being for optimal relaxation.


About Laura and Vincent from LaVi Sound and Yoga:

Laura, yoga teacher and Vincent, sound therapist and musician, realised their dream in 2018 and founded LaVi Sound and Yoga. They combine yoga and sound healing and share their passion in trainings, workshops and retreats in Europe.

The two have been living in Spain since 2021 where they run their own home studio.

In summer 2024, LaVi will be touring with their workshops in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.


General Information

Centre Culturel Clervaux

Montée du Château

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Saturday, 01 June 2024 - 15h00


: 20€