Hiking meets local food


It's possible to combine hiking with the discovery of local gastronomy! Since 2019, the Tourist Center Clervaux has been organizing its gourmet hikes for foreign and local visitors. The concept is quite simple: accompanied by a nature guide, set off in the morning along local hiking trails and enjoy a 3-course meal at lunchtime in one of the participating restaurants. For foreign travellers, it's a complete experience immersed in the region's nature, culture, and gastronomy. For locals, it's a social and gourmet get-together, an opportunity to meet fellow hikers and discover new addresses.

After the walk, you are invited for a 3-course meal which will showcase regional recipes and products. Mealtime is approximately 1h30. During the meal, please note that drinks will be at your expense. 

All our restaurateurs are committed to making you enjoy the best of what the region has to offer in terms of local products and regional recipes. If you have any requests regarding the menu on offer, please let us know when you register and not when you arrive.

Hiking meets local food : Hiking Eislek PAD in Heinerscheid

Mileage: 10 km

Departure time and location: 10.00 am at the Cornelyshaff

Guides: Patrick

Restaurant: Cornelyshaff


Starter: Farmhouse salad

Main course: Pork cheeks with Okult or Stuffed buckwheat pasties

Dessert: Iced parfait with Wëllen and honey tuile

General Information


83, Haaptstrooss
L-9753 Heinerscheid

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Sunday, 24 November 2024 - 10h00



T : +352 26 90 75