Mountain bike loops

Find on this page all the mountain bike routes around Clervaux, in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Mountain biking around Clervaux

In the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, Clervaux has long been an insider tip for passionate mountain bikers. Thanks to its varied topography and green landscape, the region has made a name for itself as a mountain bike paradise far beyond the national borders. The signposted trails over hill and dale are a challenge for those who want to discover the region away from busy roads.

Our carefully marked trails with a total length of 350 km lead through mountains and valleys, past imposing castles and striking vantage points. The mountain bike routes are marked with their own signs, which distinguish them from the conventional cycle paths. Some MTB routes require good physical condition and above-average athleticism, while others are suitable for family outings.

1. Loop of Clervaux - Abbey and Irbach valley

Distance: 35,5 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 3 hours

Accessible by public transport from Clervaux train station

Magnificent loop that will make you discover the whole Clervaux region, its villages and its panoramas.

Where to eat? > Eselborn, Munshausen, Clervaux

2. The 3 Borders Loop

Distance: 43,7 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 3 hours

Departure: Heinerscheid

This loop is perfect in spring and summer, as you can enjoy the many breaks along the river Our. Don't miss the monument of Europe on the route. The course is accessible to all, with half of the path asphalted.

3. Loop of the Our valley

Distance: 37.3 km

Level: Expert

Journey time: 3 hours 40 minutes

Departure: Lieler

If the beauty of the place is worth it, the route is still recommended to the experienced. The steep slopes of the valley of the river Our promise beautiful descents, but also steep climbs.


4. Drauffelt loop

Distance: 32 km

Level: Intermediate

Travel time: 2 hours 45 minutes

Departure: Drauffelt railway station

This loop, easily accessible by public transport, follows the valley for half of the route, making it particularly accessible. 

Possibility to link up with loop 1!

5. Marnach loop

Distance: 36, 7 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Departure: Cube 521 in Marnach

A beautiful sports loop that allows you to discover almost the whole of the commune of Clervaux.

6. Water loop

Distance: 25 km

Level: Easy

Journey time: 2 hours

Departure: Camping Tintesmühle

A pleasant loop between the Our valley and the Weiswampach lake. Numerous breaks allow you to take advantage of the watercourses to refresh yourself.