Mountain bike loops

Find on this page all the mountain bike routes around Clervaux, in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Mountain biking around Clervaux

In the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, Clervaux has long been an insider tip for passionate mountain bikers. Thanks to its varied topography and green landscape, the region has made a name for itself as a mountain bike paradise far beyond the national borders. The trails over hill and dale are a challenge for those who want to discover the region away from busy roads.

The routes on this page are recommendations but not marked routes. These has been tested. We suggest you to download the gpx data directly from the Komoot application.


1. Loop of Clervaux - Abbey and Irbach valley

Distance: 20 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 2 hours

This beautiful loop allows you to discover the highlights of Clervaux: Clervaux Abbey, the town centre and its exhibitions as well as Munshausen and the Robbesscheier Nature Centre.

Where to eat? > Munshausen, Clervaux


2. Loop from Cornelyshaff - Heinerscheid

Distance: 35,7 km

Level: Intermediate / Pro

Journey time: 3 hours 20 minuts

Departure: Cornelyshaff - Heinerscheid

This loop is perfect in spring and summer, because you can enjoy the many breaks on the banks of the Our. Don't miss the Europe monument on the way. You will also pass the Tintesmuëhle campsite as well as Germany.

3. Loop from CUBE521 - Marnach

Distance: 20 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 1 hours 40 minutes

Departure: CUBE521 in Marnach (possible departure from Clervaux)

This mountain bike loop from Marnach and the CUBE521 allows you to reach the centre of Clervaux and go up via Munshausen.

To see: Reiler ponds, Clervaux centre, Abbey, Munshausen


4. Loop from the Hotel Reiff in Fischbach

Distance: 27.7 km

Level: Intermediate

Travel time: 2 hours 40 minutes

Departure: Hotel Reiff, Fischbach

This loop passes through the countryside before plunging into the Our valley through the forests of the region. You cross the Our at the Tintesmüehle campsite once before crossing it a second time at Dasbourg, in Germany.


5. Loop from Drauffelt station

Distance: 30 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Departure: Drauffelt station (possible departure from Clervaux)

The starting point is accessible by train, so make the most of it! The tour starts with a beautiful climb through the Poler forest to Munshausen. The trail continues down to Clervaux via the fishing ponds of the Reiler Weier campsite. Admire Clervaux before heading back up to Eselborn and riding through the Eislek countryside. 

6. Loop starting from the Kasselslay Manor in Roder

Distance: 32 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Departure: Manoir Kasselslay in Roder

Head for the Our valley and its beautiful slopes for a complete and sporting loop.