Road bike tour

Discover on this page, the different routes to do by road bike from Clervaux, in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Cycling in the country

It is not only mountain bike enthusiasts who find their happiness in Luxembourg. Those who like to ride racing bikes are just as pampered! 

Did you know that Luxembourgers are passionate about cycling?

Moreover, great champions, like the famous Charly Gaul nicknamed "the Angel of the Mountain", have at different times shone on the podiums of the most prestigious races like the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia. If these great riders continue to feed the fervour of the inhabitants for this sporting activity, Luxembourg presents many other arguments to convince each year numerous cyclotourists.

1. Loop Clervaux - Weiswampach

Distance: 29,7 km

Level: Intermediate

Journey time: 2 hours

Departure: Clervaux

This loop allows you to climb up the heights of Clervaux to reach the magnificent Weiswampach lake through the plains of the municipality.


2. Western Loop

Distance: 60 km

Level: Confirmed

Journey time: 4 hours

Departure: Clervaux

This reasonably long loop will allow you to discover the panoramas of Clervaux, but also the whole countryside west of the Eisleck, its villages and the Irbach valley.

3. Clervaux - Bastogne - Clervaux

Distance: 82 km

Level: Confirmed 

Journey time: 5 hours

Departure : Clervaux

A complete loop allowing you to discover the villages of Munshausen and Drauffelt in the commune, before plunging towards Wiltz and Bastogne, in Belgium.

4. Loop of the 2 castles

Distance: 79 km

Level: Confirmed

Journey time: 4 hours

Departure: Clervaux

Conjugate Clervaux and the castle of Vianden thanks to this sports loop. The return trip takes you through the magnificent valley of the Our and the mines of Stolzembourg.


5. 3 countries loop

Distance: 115 km

Level: Expert

Journey time: 8 hours

Possible departure to Heinerscheid or Hupperdange

Incredible loop of the 3 countries. If the difficulty of the course is not exaggerated, it is indeed its length that makes it "difficult".