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You will find here all our loop walks in the commune of a length equal to more than 10 km. These signposted walks, for experienced walkers, will take you through the most beautiful landscapes around Clervaux.

1. Clervaux (15km)

Starting point: Place du Marché, Clervaux

Distance: 16.2km

This 15km loop starting from the Place du Marché in Clervaux is for experienced hikers. The hilly landscape created by the river Clerve will take you to the villages of Eselborn, Weicherdange and Kaaspelt. The ascent from Eselborn at the start contrasts with the descent after 7km to the valley bed. 

Signposting: A black on white and blue background.

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2. Clervaux - Urspelt

Starting point: Place du Marché, Clervaux or Urspelt

Distance: 9,2 km

This loop takes you to the heights of Clervaux. Beautiful views of the town await you as you cross the Clervaux park to the village of Urspelt. You will then reach Clervaux via the river Clerve.

Signposting: Black C on a white and blue background

3. Autopedestre Eselborn

Starting point: at the wayside cross "Jubilaeum AD 2000" in Eselborn.

Distance: 9.2 km

After the village, you take a path through fields and woods, which leads you just before Weicherdange. You then descend into the Eselbaach valley and pass through Mecher before following the Clerve and the Botteschbaach. You then pass the Benedictine abbey and reach the starting point.

Signposting: Follow the blue flag on a white background with 1.

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4. Autopedestre Heinerscheid

Departure: Town Hall, Heinerscheid

Distance: 12 km

After passing through the village, you go down into the valley of the river Our through the fields. From Tintesmillen, you follow the river and take the international "Rhine-Meuse Path" before returning to the village via the Frauewald forest.

Signposting: Blue flag on a white background, mentioning 1

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5. Pastoral Heinerscheid

Starting point: Town Hall

Distance: 11,5km

A beautiful hiking loop through the countryside around the village of Hupperdange. The walk continues with a descent into the valley and then up through the woods into the countryside. 

Signposting: D black on white and blue background.

6. Lieler and Tintesmillen

Starting point: Place Griffin, Lieler

Distance: 13 km

Sporty hike with beautiful views over the countryside and part in the forest as far as the Our valley and the Tintesmillen campsite. 

Signposting: Black D on a white and blue background.

7. Autopedestre Lieler - Weiswampach

Starting point: Place Griffin, Lieler

Distance: 16 km

One of the longest looped walks in the municipality. It includes the Our valley and the 3 borders as well as the municipality of Weiswampach.

Sign posting: Blue flag on white background, with a 1 on it.

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