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You will find here all our loop walks in the commune of a length equal to more than 10 km. These signposted walks, for experienced walkers, will take you through the most beautiful landscapes around Clervaux.

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All the signposts in the commune are currently being modified. Currently, we advise you to use an application to avoid getting lost. All our hikes are available via the Komoot application. (Androïd & IOS, verified application) Once the application is downloaded, subscribe to the "Visit Clervaux" profile. You will have access to all the routes, even "Off-line".

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1. Roder - Local Weg 4

Starting point: Church of Roder

Distance: 11.6 km

Signposting: LW CL 4


2. Clervaux - Munshausen - LW 5 

Starting point: Place du Marché, Clervaux or Robbesscheier, Munshausen

Distance: 12,1 km

Signposting: LW CL 5 


3. Eislek PAD Clervaux

Starting point: Place du Marché, Clervaux

Distance: 13.4 km

Signposting: Eislek PAD Clervaux


4. Eislek Pad Heinerscheid

Departure: Cornelyshaff, Heinerscheid

Distance: 15.5 km

After passing through the village, you go down into the valley of the river Our through the fields. From Tintesmillen, you follow the river and take the international "Rhine-Meuse Path" before returning to the village via the Frauewald forest.

Signposting: Eislek PAD


5. Nat'Our Route 1

Starting point: Monument de l'Europe, Zum Dreiländereck

Distance: 13,3km

Signposting: Nat'Our


6. Nat'Our Route 2

Starting point: Pont de Dasbourg

Distance: 17.9 km

Signposting: Nat'Our


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