Long hiking loops

These 2 long loops are proposed as part of the Escapardenne's layouts. One starting from Clervaux, the other starting from Heinerscheid. The loop between Woltz and Our is 42 km long (3 days), whereas the Loop of the Hidden Landscapes is nearly 80 km long (4 days).

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Basic information

These two loops were created as part of a project to create Belgian-Luxembourg hiking trails. These two loops are not signposted, but take up existing paths. This is why we recommend that you use a GPS and a smartphone or a map available at all the regional Tourist Offices in the region. 

Wild camping and bivouac in Luxembourg

Generally speaking, wild camping is forbidden in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For information, wild camping is the fact of staying several nights in the same place. However, bivouacking is tolerated (except around the Lac de la Haute-Sûre). This means that you can pitch your tent, off the beaten track, from sunset to sunrise. Obviously, you will not be able to do so on private plots without the owners' permission. Usually, you will easily find a campsite to accommodate you for the night. 

1. Loop between Woltz and Our 

Starting point: Troisvierges

Distance: 43 km

Estimated time: 3 days

Day 1: Troisvierges - Weiswampach / 12 km

Leaving Troisvierges, you will take the old railway line to Saint-Vith (BE). A long tunnel 800 metres long, as well as the trenches reinforced by walls, forming a magnificent structure. Before arriving in Weiswampach, you will have the opportunity to cross the first plateau of the Eislek, which is also the semi-mountainous nature reserve of the "Conzefenn". This area is known for its proliferation of Arnica Montana, a plant with a well-known homeopathic remedy.

Where to sleep? The leisure centre at the Weiswampach lakes includes a camping site for overnight stays.

Day 2 : Weiswampach - Heinerscheid / 18km

On the second day, you will have the opportunity to cross the forest discovery trail north of Lieler, before going down to the Our valley and the 3 borders. Then stop at the Kalborn Mill to discover the breeding of pearl mussels, an endangered species. You will finally arrive in Heinerscheid, on the plateau.

Where to sleep? Enjoy a good night's sleep and a local meal at the Cornelyshaff Inn. Their speciality? Beer, which is cooked (and drunk) in all kinds of sauces.

Day 3 : Heinerscheid - Troisvierges / 13km

On the last day of the hike, you can enjoy the bucolic views of the Eislek highlands around Hupperdange. The trail continues through several forest valleys to your starting point, Troisvierges

2. Loop of the Hidden Landscapes of the West

Starting point: Kautenbach

Distance: 80 km

Estimated time: 4 days, for experienced hikers

Day 1: Kautenbach - Wiltz / 16 km

This first day of hiking starts at the confluence of the two main rivers of the Eislek: the Wiltz and the Clerve. You will have the opportunity to hike up the Wiltz for most of this loop. The area is very popular with hikers and is very secret. Little known to the general public, this hike promises you hidden paths and hidden landscapes.

Where to sleep? Wiltz has a campsite (KAUL) along the river of the same name.

Day 2 : Wiltz - Derenbach / 18,5 km

At the exit of the city, you will have the opportunity to take the path of the Cross, the same one used every year by thousands of Luxembourgers of Portuguese origin to make the pilgrimage of Fatima. After this, you will enter the territory of the otter. Although its current presence is not yet proven, many projects are trying to encourage its return. Afterwards, you will go to the 3 authentic villages in the north of Luxembourg: Schimpach, Niederwampach and Oberwampach. You will then arrive in Derenbach.

Where to sleep? There is no official place to sleep on this stage. The best is to leave the village for 1 kilometre and go into the forest to make a bivouac. 

Day 3 : Derenbach - Clervaux / 20,5 km

It is a day's hike mainly in the forest. Nearly 15 km are travelled through the forest plateaus. Plantations of coniferous trees, coppices of oak and beech woods will be found as far as Clervaux.

Where to sleep? Clervaux has a lot of accommodation, both in terms of campsites and hotels.

Day 4: Clervaux - Kautenbach / 25km

The last but also the longest of the loop's tracks. The first part of the hike, uphill, will take you to Munshausen, a charming village typical of the Middle Ages which is home to the nature discovery centre La Robbesscheier. Here you can take a break in the delicious restaurant serving local cuisine. You will then descend into the valley and follow it to the end. Beautiful villages such as Drauffelt, Enscherange and Lellingen are waiting for you. If the last section seems too long, you can take the train in Drauffelt or Wilwerwiltz to Kautenbach.

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