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Restaurant: Les Écuries du Parc

It is a building that calls out, partially hidden on the side of the Clervaux park. In the shade of the trees, this beautiful traditional white facade with a brick colour stands out. From the terraces, as well as from the interior, the view of the town is unobstructed and calm: the church, the castle and, if you push your head a little, the abbey. This historic restaurant is run by Marc Arend in the kitchen and his wife Cynthia in the dining room. Like two fires, one works wonderfully behind the stove and the other, with joy, delights the customers seated at the table. A tasteful family establishment, when we pushes the wooden porch that serves as an entrance, we finds the same authentic charm that pleases from the outside. The atmosphere is cosy and warm, and people wait impatiently every year for the cold days to come and warm up around the wood fire. And also to gather around good local gourmet dishes. I remember this dish of chicons au gratin, served for the whole table as we would enjoy it at home, with the plates of fresh chips twirling from guest to guest. 

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Let's go back to the history of the building, which is closely linked to the eventful history of the town and its castle. For centuries, through inheritances, affiliations and marriages, ownership of the castle passed from one family to another, each one more powerful or renowned than the last (Gerard de Sponheim, Margareth de Brandebourg, Claude de Lannoy, etc.) The names still echo in the history books. At the end of the 19th century, Adrien de Berlaymont used some of the castle's stones to build a villa in the park and stables.

But what is Chef Arend preparing for us? Quality products, regional products and home-made products. The Euro-toque chef's code of conduct is displayed on the wall, to remind you that gastronomy here is a matter of passion. However, nothing predestined young Arend for this path. Except, perhaps, for the flame that burned when he sometimes found himself in the kitchen to accompany someone close to him. 

Today, the menu of Les Écuries is extensive and constantly changing. Seasonal suggestions delight the locals and the inhabitants. There are magnificent venison dishes accompanied by local mushrooms. The mussels of bouchot, from May to August, are also always a success. The offal is a must try for those who love it and the horse steak, a nod to the restaurant's past, is a must at the Stables. Chef Arend prepares it like a piece of beef, rare and served with a garlic sauce.

Chef Euro-toques

Perhaps the association is unknown to you. However, since its creation in 1986 by renowned chefs Pierre Romeyer and Paul Bocuse, the group has been officially recognised by the European Commission. It actively participates in some of the European Parliament's work to promote quality food products.

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In the field, Euro-toques chefs share similar values. As with this code of conduct for the creation of children's menus, which commits them to proposing dishes that are balanced in terms of sugar, fat and salt, as well as providing gourmet half-meals to encourage curiosity about food. 

The plates of the Écuries du Parc feature fresh products that are processed on site from A to Z. Authentic, seasonal tastes. A diversity of flavours and a variety of ingredients while offering a balanced diet. 

Open the doors of this historic building and sit down at the table of taste! Les Écuries du Parc is a must for all gourmets of good food. 


Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12 noon to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm

4 Rue du Parc, 9708 Clervaux

+352 92 03 64