A tour in the heart of the city

Anchored in an overwhelming nature, piercing the horizon with its few bell towers, the village of Clervaux surprises with its incredible artistic and cultural offer.  Between the open-air photographic exhibitions, one of the most beautiful photo exhibitions in the world (The Family of Man) and the Cube 521 art centre, there is never a dull moment. But nature lovers and relaxation enthusiasts will also find plenty to do in this charming town.


The village of Clervaux appears after a few winding roads, as if hidden from the world in a green setting. A rocky peak crosses the valley, bearing the 3 most impressive buildings of the place: The Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Maurice at the top, the Church of Saints Como and Damian below and the imposing white castle. All around, in the hollow formed by the Clerve stream, stand beautiful buildings in mountain style.  The first impression is therefore necessarily positive. Clervaux is small and terribly charming.

The first place to go is the Tourist Center, which is located in the centre of the town, below the castle. This confirms that the tourist offer here is very complete. First of all, opt for the Cité de l'Image walk. This short one-hour walk, created by the non-profit organisation Clervaux - Cité de l’Image, is punctuated by open-air photographic exhibitions. It is in fact an outdoor counterpart to the exhibition The Family of Man. While the latter is constant, historical and installed inside the castle, the Cité de l'Image is outside, evolving, seasonal and contemporary. It adds a real artistic touch to the discovery of the city.

We like the concept of Umbrella Sharing. If it rains, you can borrow an umbrella from the Tourist Center and other public places in Clervaux and bring it back to these locations.

For the tech-savvy, it is possible to download a 60 or 90 minute audio tour of the city. This is done via the Lauschtour app. Several spots will be indicated during the walk and will reveal historical informations, anecdotes...

Don't miss a walk along the Clerve. Street art has been created there recently.

Umbrella Sharing Mona Kuhn © CDI

Giants among castles

The National Castle Model Museum will give you that irresistible urge to set off on the roads of the country to see all these castles, each one more grandiose than the next, in real life.


Feudal life is terribly fascinating, and it is a real pleasure to wander through the maze of the museum. The castle of Vianden, the centrepiece of the museum, stands magnificently in the main hall. Its model is incredibly well done. So is the one of Clervaux, which is so warlike. It is quite disturbing to see the devastated town, almost unrecognisable, and to see little men and military cars.

Next door is the Battle of the Bulge Museum, full of little treasures, collectables and anecdotes about the serious period that took place here.

Tip: You can buy a combi ticket for both museums for 5 euros!

Finally, the UNESCO-listed Edward Steichen photographic exhibition is just incredible. From the very first room, the feeling one gets is quite powerful: life has only one meaning and that meaning is life. The entire exhibition has the ability to leave us alone with our own feelings. The lack of information can be criticised, but it allows us to develop our own opinion. Without revealing the immensity of this work, we advise you to go and see it, emotions (of various kinds) guaranteed!


Don't hesitate to go to the Tourist Center to get all the precise information, the opening hours, the Lauschtour application,...