Discover the Our Valley

The Our. The Our River is the natural border between Luxembourg and Germany and borders the municipality of Clervaux on its eastern flank. It creates wild and quiet landscapes ideal for hikers and nature lovers. Don't forget to bring your picnic. You'll be spoilt for choice as to the best spot to put your feet in the water and let the kids have their fun. 

If you're lucky, you'll have the opportunity to see the rich biodiversity of the area: wild cats, martens, deer and a whole range of birds that find rest here.  

Starting points

To discover the Our valley, you can start from:

- Roder and Heinerscheid and follow a hiking trail (see below)

- The 3 borders monument near Lieler and the Georges Wagner bridge

- The Kalborn mill, a place for the conservation of biodiversity

- Camping Tintesmühle

The views

There are two viewpoints along the Our. But don't be afraid to climb!

- Kasselslay viewpoint: By zigzagging from the Tintesmühle campsite or coming from Heinerscheid, you will reach the Kasselslay viewpoint, offering an open landscape over the valley. This place has been known for centuries, as ancient Celtic fortifications are still standing here. 

- Königslei (DE): Located in Germany, 200m from Luxembourg, this other viewpoint, situated a little further down the Our, offers a rest and contemplation area. 


Taking a rest

In general, we recommend that you find your perfect spot along the many hiking trails.

At Camping Tintesmühle you can enjoy a drink on the terrace

At the Kalborn mill you can visit the nature garden and the pearl mussel breeding station.

Kalborn Mill projects

After more than 200 years of existence, the Kalborn Mill is now managed by the association Natur&ëmwelt. 

The Natura 2000 room, which deals with this major European project for the preservation of natural environments, as well as the water discovery centre and the breeding station for the endangered pearl mussel, can be found here.

Info: Kalborn Mill (DE or FR)

moulin kalborn


There are many signposted walks around the Our valley.

You can find the right route for you among the different sporty hikes here or the family hikes here.