Hans Poppelaars, a chef in sync with his time

It is in this charming valley village, Roder, a few steps from the Our, that the Manoir Kasselslay has been operating for 20 years. Maryse and Hans are at the head of the business. While the wife is always ready to welcome and serve the guests, the husband creates the dishes in the kitchen.

The house itself is imposing and charming, with flowers falling from the windows and colouring the façade in seasonal tones. When we arrive, Hans Poppelaars is busy in the kitchen chatting with his wife. A few corrections in the anniversary menu for the 20th anniversary of the Manor House are to be made. Work and reflection are at the heart of this 4-course menu. After all, how can one sum up so many years of sublimating Luxembourg products? How can they thank their loyal customers by offering them a gastronomic experience that reflects their experience?

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Simply by combining in one menu what the chef does best, what he prefers to offer: dishes that appeal to a wide range of people, that highlight local products and, above all, that are full of flavour. Chef Poppelaars could be called a culinary craftsman, as his dedication to the local Eislek gastronomy is well known.



The menu includes a variety of organic local pork, freshwater fish, organic chicken from Weis Farm and local cheeses, often cooked according to traditional northern recipes. So it will be a four birthday services to discover the region through the gourmet's favourite sense: taste.


In the kitchen, with a sure hand, Mr. Poppelaars gives us a true culinary and educational demonstration. The plates are delicately laid out and designed, and the final herbaceous and flowery touches finish off these gustatory tableaux. The chef then takes a trout out of his fridge, so fresh that it still seems to be wriggling, as if it had just come out of the river Our.

The fillets are lifted in a flash and placed on a bed of mange-tout, then bathed in white wine. A few minutes in the oven and the queen of our river is ready to be served, steaming and smelling like a dream. Organic charlottes surround the fillet, naked in its simplicity but as tempting as ever. Almost raw, the plate is thus finished, promising and transparent. 

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The chef also prepares a colourful variation of tomatoes, because yes, vegetarian dishes have also made the house famous. Manoir Kasselslay is one of the few in the region to offer a 6-course vegetarian menu. This is always a surprise for the guest, as it is based on vegetables from the garden and seasonal arrivals.

Hans Poppelaars' cuisine has evolved over 20 years. He has grown with experience, but above all he has become aware of his role as an ambassador for the region and the land, and has tried to keep in step with the wishes of his customers.

Both indoors and on the terrace, the dishes are served in a chic country setting, with the classicism of the past, all in sobriety. The best thing is to offer the complete experience with one or more nights at the Manoir. It is with lightness and comfort that you will embark on an ideal and restful stay, where everything is done to put you in tune with the nearby environment of the establishment.

The Manoir's restaurant also offers a full range of culinary services: with an "auberge" corner from Wednesday to Friday, the gastronomic corner and the various seasonal menus, the table d'hôte (a huge warm table overlooking the open kitchen), a tea room and sweet delicacies as well as a takeaway service. It is also possible to privatise the premises for an event.

Practical information :

The Manoir Kasselslay restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday lunchtime and the kitchen from 12 noon to 1.30pm and from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Website: www.kasselslay.lu

+ (352) 26 95 84 71